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Enkor has established in Shenzhen in 2003. Since its establishment, Enkor always adhere to the development of product technology and product quality, expanding and improving Enkor audio system constantly. Went through more than 10 years of researching and innovating, Enkor has accumulated the powerful R & D and manufacturing ability, completed Quality management system and strong marketsupply capacity. It has become one of largest audio system manufacturers in China.

Nowadays, Enkor has own more than 10 years experience on both innovative product quality and product standards, has build a research and development team with their rich technical experiences and has own several testing and researching and developing base, Can service to customers according to their different product demand, to develop more in line with customer requirements for audio product solutions.)

Enkor has become a world-class sound system manufacturer, more reliable and more consistent . Enkor Group has four production bases in Shenzhen Shajing / Jiangxi Nankang / Jiangxi Ganzhou with 1,800 employees, total production area reached 142,000 square meters. With acoustic research and development department, speaker manufacturing department, plastic mold manufacturing department, plastic injection Molding department, wooden box manufacturing department, PCB processing department, finished assembly department and other departments.

After more than 10 years of optimization and improvement, Enkor Group established a set of advanced enterprise management system. With the advanced production equipment, a friendly working environment, a huge talents Reserves, Enkor have continuly expanding the production capacity during the years, Meanwhile has also achieved strictly product quality controlling. Right now, Enkor has been able to achieve ISO 9001: 2000, CE, UL, ROHS, WEEE, ERP and national 3C quality / environmental / safety certification. Also, Enkor is well known as one of the complete manufacturers of digital sound systems with 100% of internal manufacturing capabilities to ensure the highest quality and innovation in the new version.

  • Shenzhen High-tech enterprise
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • Zhongguancun Annual Recommended Products
  • Best Price/Performance award
  • Shenzhen High-tech enterprise
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • ENKOR Songgang Town,ShenZhen
  • ENKOR Nankang Town,Jiangxi
  • ENKOR Ganzhou Town,Jiangxi
  • Acoustic research and development
    Acoustic research and development: with advanced anechoic room, LMS acoustic testing system, MLASSA acoustic testing system, Engineers through LEAP acoustic simulation software to design and development of products.
  • Plastic mold manufacturing
    Plastic mold manufacturing: from the product structural design to the complete mold manufacturing, we have four high-precision CNC machines and numbers of mold processing machines to ensure that the mold completion efficiently.
  • PCB processing

  • PCB processing: with a number of SMT / AI automatic patch and plug-in equipment, PCBA processing completed efficiently..
HDA HD decoding

ENKOR combines its developed HDA audio decoding technology, to further optimize the audio signal , to support the common lossless formats such as FLAC, APE, WAV and so on.

DHPC distortion controlling

Through the DSPC processing system work on the distortion of the collection, calculation,

automatic control amplifier , to make the playback music ensure that the sound is not distorted ,

with the original dynamic characteristics of the music ,to achieve different levels of high and low input are compatible .

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We're looking for a group of people, but few of them,

They're not geniuses, they're not elites,

But earnest, yearning for a better life,

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To Enkor Bar, although there are not many handsome beauty, not shocking the circle of friends of the monthly salary, but here is a real tribe, to you cooking is honest village aunt, accompany you with a dormitory is a fellow traveler, out is a large grassland and not well-known tree, although not so beautiful, but also originally not so "beautiful", tasted bitter, Is sweet.

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