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User experience is king, ENKOR heavily to build
Published:2013-11-06 Share: 0

Product is good, users have the final say. This is the true voice of the market economy.

Enkor, ten years of history as a sound professional manufacturers, its strength has been more than 60 countries and regions in the world more than 10 million users. But with the change of social consumption idea and audio industry, the most started with OEM audio manufacturers began to change management ideas, begin to pay close attention to the terminal consumer demand trend, enke is no exception.

Guided by the demands of users, it is easier said than, do not can be achieved overnight, this is because the information now the fragmentation of the explosive fission and user demand, let many enterprises to do. Market research work has become more complex, the needs of users also changes with the development of the era, unpredictable. In view of this, he changed the Angle of view, as it is difficult to study consumer, is inferior to the user, please come in, allows users to participate in the enterprise product review and improvement, this has been the general partner's approval and active participation.

2013, we intensified the efforts on the layout of the domestic market and brand operation, from corporate image reconstruction (to import CIS system), the core value of brand refining and transmission, the development of new products and the integration of marketing team, are entering a new development stage. So, at the same time, also invest one million yuan of funds, to build a high standard of "user experience center". Enke user experience center layout creative atmosphere, and opened up the different functional areas, multimedia audio experience area 2.1, 2.0 audio experience area, 5.1 surround sound experience, game experience, etc. By then, the user need only walk into enke user experience center, according to his be fond of, choose a different experience and audio-visual products, to revel in the audio-visual enjoyment.

                                              Enkor rendering user experience center
Enkor user experience on the second floor of the center is located in the phoenix industrial park, shenzhen independent area, covers an area of 200 square meters, beautiful decoration design effect. In October 2013, the user experience center project is nearing an end, can be put into use in November, believe that when the time comes to the general user surprise visit.

Enkor so spent to build "user experience center", one is the development trend, see the market and industry trends, know only to the user as the center, the product can stand the test of the market; 2 it is derived from enke after 10 years of development and build confidence in their products, in the face of good and evil people mixed up industry present situation, only attach importance to the user's consumption experience before, can we truly look at their products and product development direction, can offer the products the users really need and love.

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