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Three major industrial parks ENKOR audio into development fast lane
Published:2013-11-02 Share: 0

ENKOR , high-tech enterprises in shenzhen science and technology commission. Since 2003, focusing on acoustic technology, for more than 60 countries and regions in the world to provide the high quality of audio products, has more than 10 million loyal users from all over the world.

Vision in the face of new market situation, enke, keen insight into both the international and domestic markets, and established the driven by user experience research and development, production guidance, set up the brand development, in the international market supply capacity at the same time, with the domestic market, and with its overseas market operation experience for many years and classic models, innovative applications, luxuriant regression, for domestic users with distinctive audio products.

In order to meet market needs, enke company expanding the scale of production. Currently, he already has three production bases: shenzhen shajing whampoa industrial park, shenzhen fuyong phoenix industrial park, and in September 2012, based on industrial park in jiangxi province. This large production layout is also unique in the domestic counterparts, this not only represents the enke strength of enterprises, but also represents the enke's confidence in the future market, expected to bring more customers at home and abroad more and better products, audio practice "yue life, happy to share" brand values. At the same time, he paid more attention to grow together with partners, always adhere to the "sharing" the management idea, take the path of the development of win-win cooperation!

                                                    Enkor shenzhen shajing huangpu park on location
                            The new design, shenzhen fuyong phoenix park has been put into operation
                                                       Enkor jiangxi industrial park planning effect
              Enkor industrial park in jiangxi province has held the ground breaking ceremony on September 28, 2012

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