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Enkor committed to the development of the customer.
Witness the customer and growth with our partners, plan implementation and sharing.

Enkor six big brand advantage

A and powerful strength
10 years of international market supply capacity
Production base - two big industrial park
The title of national high-tech enterprise

Second, the highly effective brand promotion resources
Cooperation with the world top 500 brand resources sharing
A well-known brand consultancy professional brand
The company investment in brand building

Three, for the whole platform support
Zhongguancun, Pacific computer, gome online, day cat, sina, tencent, enke's official website, mall. At present, the existing 250000 customers through social networking sites and, keep in touch.

Fourth, rapid product innovation
Enke follow the era trend to more powerful, smaller volume, more sound development target, sales revenue by 15% a year as a research and development costs, pay attention to user experience, constantly pushing Chen
A new, better meet the needs of the masses of users.

Five, the actual effect of channel incentives
Perfect channel maintenance system
Innovative marketing solutions
The wealth of the rich incentive mechanism
3 d integrated marketing support
Monthly, quarterly and annual awards

Six, stable profit model
, always adhere to the "sharing" business philosophy, with sound management attitude with all partners sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, to seek long-term coexistence and co-prosperity with partners
The development of the value chain.

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