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Valentine's Day gift, your girlfriend must like it

Publication Time:2020-05-22

Festivals related to love

Always make straight men bald

No matter how many brain cells are consumed

In the end, it seems that there are all kinds of thunder treading

"I don't want anything, really."

"I said no, you don't?"

"Do you really think I fit this color code?"

"Straight man!"

#How to correctly interpret the duplicity of girlfriend

Give them their favorite gifts?#

Q1: when your girlfriend says, "don't waste money, don't fix all this, what does she mean?"?

A. Don't buy flowers

B. Give her a red envelope

C. Food for her

D. Help her with the housework

Q2: when your girlfriend says that your gifts should be well collected and can't be used frequently, what's her subtext?

A. This gift is the right one

B. She likes it

C. She was very moved

D. Next time

Q3: when my girlfriend says that I like everything you send, what's her real idea?

A. Of course, I send flowers every time

B. We have a good relationship. We give everything the same

C. The snack bag is ready

D. Go to the movies, go out to eat

Whatever you send

I believe my girlfriend will say that she likes it very much

The main thing is my heart

This 520 will accompany her!

Wish you all

Must be sweet for a long time!



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