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Touch Bluetooth headset, symbolizing freedom

Publication Time:2019-05-10

With the development of technology, headphones are also constantly improving. In recent years, true

wireless Bluetooth headsets are the hottest topic, which is favored by most users. This is mainly because

the true wireless Bluetooth headset is really free from the constraints of the line, giving users a better

experience. Especially for people who like sports and music, wireless Bluetooth headsets are their gospel.

Everyone knows that wired headsets are easily entangled and extremely inconvenient.

Apple first introduced the first stereo headset Airpods, which is completely connected to the earphones through

Bluetooth technology. It was detonated in the real wireless Bluetooth headset market, but its price is high, which

makes many people Stop and look. In order to meet the needs of the masses, Enke has created the EW13

Bluetooth touch earphones. Really the price is close to the people, the quality is excellent, it can be said that the

perfect replacement of Airpods.

When choosing a Bluetooth headset, the requirements for the headset should be similar to those of the author.

The choice is mainly from the aspects of appearance, sound quality, function, wearing comfort, and battery life.

The author takes everyone to look at the ENKOR EW13. What's great about it?


When I got the EW13, I was very surprised. The cute body, super mini, pure white, simple and stylish, looks

very advanced, it is more attractive in the touch, the entire charging bin surface is used It's a smooth mirror

material, so you don't have to worry about fingerprints and dust. Xiaoke's favorite is the design of the magnetic

magnet in the charging compartment. Itcan be easily pushed open with one hand, and it can be played for one

day. This new product is divided into two parts: the charging compartment and the earphone.The author made

a rough measurement of the two, charging 30 grams, 6 grams of headphones, adding up to a lipstick weight,

and the diameter of the charging compartment is only 53 mm, which makes it very convenient to carry when

we go out, You can take it wherever you want.

The biggest feature of this headset is that the main lighter is lighter and smaller. The diameter of the earphone

is only 16mm. This is the gospel of a wide-angle ear. You don't have to worry about getting it or falling, because

it fits you very well. The ear type does not have a painful feeling when worn for a long time. You can wear it to

dance, not afraid of sports, truly wireless without binding, free your hands and enjoy music!


When the headset is picked up, it will automatically turn on and team up. After turning on the Bluetooth and

directly searching for ENKOR EW13, you can directly pair it successfully. This operation is still very simple. As a

new type of earphone, EW13 naturally follows the footsteps of new technology. This earphone also has intelligent

fingerprint touch function, which eliminates the traditional physical button control, innovatively upgrades the

touch function, and is more user-friendly, reducing the pressure on the ear. pressure. It's also simpler in operation.

With one touch, you can get the music mode and call mode with one touch, and even you can directly summon

siri to make your life truly intelligent.

I don't know if you are using Bluetooth headsets, have you encountered such a problem, that is, listening to

the sudden power failure, or often do not know the headset power usage status. EW13 will not let you have

such troubles, the power of the headset will be directly displayed on the mobile phone, you can monitor the

power consumption of the headset at any time, do not worry about sudden power failure.

3.Sound quality

ENKOR has nearly 100 experienced engineers. After thousands of sound field debugging, it brings HIFI, low-pitched

powerful and immersive. Open the music, close your eyes, as if you are at the concert scene, drumming the voice

clear, directly hit your heart, with 5D heavy bass, bring the ultimate enjoyment of the ear. It also uses a stronger

CVC voice call noise reduction technology to bring better call quality.


Don't look at the EW13's small size and ignore its endurance. How can it be behind the other headphones as a fully

developed "eugenic"? The headset can be used continuously for 4 hours on a single charge. It is also equipped with

a 500mAh large-capacity charging compartment, which can charge the headset at any time. The total battery life is

up to 30 hours, so that good sound can always accompany you!

Overall, this headset has excellent performance both in appearance and performance. It is worthy of everyone

to plant grass, and now the new product has just been listed, Jingdong has activity price, it is not too cost-effective

has ENKOR EW13, you Will be the coolest person!



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