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Summer vacation Raiders:How to be a qualified dead fat house?

Publication Time:2019-08-01

"on vacation

I want to go to Changsha Wuhan

Playing in Beijing,

Even if I don't have money, I want to wave to the beach..."

Long vacation for two months

Already half past

How did your friends spend it?

After a long four-month study

Every day, looking forward to the summer vacation

The first time I think is definitely to make good use of it.

There are always some people

Big sun, hot weather

Can't stop a heart that wants waves

So go out for a holiday this holiday.

Xiaoke sorted out a few good places for travel.

Qingdao, Shandong

Qingdao's summer is cool and pleasant

I can go with my friends to feel the sea breeze.

Go to the golden beach to swim, go to the mountains to watch the sunrise, and go to the old house to explore.

Pick a comfortable and clean youth trip to meet people from all over the country and even foreign friends.

Record the most beautiful youth.

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen

Seaside play

Gulangyu is also a good choice

Red coast, yellow walled house, cyan waves, white wooden sailboat

Gulangyu is still a place with a strong musical atmosphere.

Has the world's largest organ museum

There is no light green here.

More comfort and comfort

It is a place where literary youth must punch cards.


Guilin is a winter without cold

Summer garden without summer heat

Convenient and convenient city

Visit Yangshuo, swim the river, take the bamboo pole

In such a place where the waves are rippling and the mountains are hazy

It’s like being in a hundred miles gallery, full of poetry

In fact, most people are before the holiday.

Will develop various study and travel plans


Finally, everyone is at home.

Blowing air conditioner, eating watermelon

This leisurely summer vacation is in line with everyone’s normality.

But wanting to be a dead house is also risky.

To bear the dislike of the mother

It’s easy to be a qualified dead house.

Can take advantage of this time to learn

Of course, I definitely choose the way I like to study.

You can take a look at English movies.

It is best to find Chinese subtitles.

In this way, you can fully exercise your listening and understanding skills.

I don’t understand

You can also guess what they are saying according to the plot.

You can also listen to some favorite English songs.

Stick to it like this

I believe after a summer vacation

Your own sense of language and vocabulary progresses rapidly

When your mom dislikes you playing the phone

You can justifiably say

"I'm studying"

Then help my mother do housework or something.

You basically don't have to worry about being dismissed.

Tips: It is best to wear headphones when watching movies, otherwise your mom will still be a noisy



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