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Mothers' Day

Publication Time:2020-05-22

What is maternal love

It's working hard for you

It's for your food and clothing

It's the company and protection day and night

It's an unrepentant effort every year

The maternal love in your memory

What does it look like?


She'll give you the belly of the fish. She said she liked fish tail.

@You are forbidden all the way

The two warmest words in the world: Mom.

@You're a little fool

You have white hair, but I still love procrastination.

@Clouds and faces

It is said that mother was created because of the absence of God.

Mother is like a God.

And mother's name is just a cry, it will choke.

@Ouyang Oriental


Tears are too low

Please prepare paper towels

What mom said

Tears in a second

Don't worry about money. Study hard. If you want to read, I will let you read even if I pick up the rags.

If one day you don't like my daughter and fall in love with others, please don't cheat her. You come to tell me, it doesn't matter. I'll pick her up.

Don't marry far away. Mom is afraid you won't be able to go home after being wronged.

"Happy birthday, son. Will you go home for the new year this year? Come back if you don't have money. Mom miss you." I will go home for the Spring Festival this year.

"Whether you bring your boyfriend back or your girlfriend, as long as you are happy."


"Mom, I bought you enkor Bluetooth headset

Go back to dinner with you in the evening "

How long did you not tell her

This sentence?

Put on the enkor headset

Let mom get rid of the shackles of her hands and keep in touch with you

Love, speak it out.

Mothers' Day

Please slow down



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