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Home integrated speaker - SBASE1

Publication Time:2017-10-24


That day, from south to north of the spring breeze blowing over the earth,

We released the first integrated speaker


(The middle is BT100)

No gorgeous appearance

Remove unwanted features

Integrated speaker focus back to the sound essence

When you need it


Open a gentle music;

You do not like to listen to inspirational words

Because you see more tired

Friends say a variety of entertainment news

You do not want to be ignored and abandoned

Accompanied by people laughing together

The world is cold and unpredictable

You begin to learn to add clothes to yourself in the cold weather

Began to learn to upset, give the ear a song

The world is full of "science and technology" breath

We started looking for a simple life, abandoning the complex



SBASE 1 --- Open the home audio simple style

As a home integrated speaker

SBASE1 has many useful features

Ever since there was a cell phone

The alarm clock in the room was gone

The feeling of time is gradually disappearing

SBASE1 may be able to find out this feeling

With pure music to wake up sleepy hazy you

The morning is no longer bothering upset

Talk to the phone with Bluetooth or NFC

Lying in bed can also watch TV

4 inch woofer

Even integrated speakers

SBASE1 still has a bottom "subwoofer"

DSPC distortion control technology

Through the DSP single-chip microprocessor power output distortion of the collection, calculation, automatic control amplifier gain, effectively reduce the distortion, bringing a more natural sound experience;


USB interface for the phone "emergency power storage"

Leather texture for litchi pattern

More information can be found at jd.com



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