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Enkor won double awards and won the recognition of JD digital in 2020!

Publication Time:2021-02-05

In early February 2021, Enke won two big awards of Jingdong digital in 2020 - "Pioneer Award for brand new customer growth" and "best user experience brand award".

It can be said that these two awards are highly authoritative official brand recognition, and are the seal certification of Jingdong digital to the enterprise's strong comprehensive strength.

Focus on the field, steady and far

Rising from Shenzhen, the capital of science and technology, Enke is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, carrying the inherent gene of science and technology. It focuses on the innovative R & D, design, production and sales of wireless Bluetooth headset, square dance sound, multimedia speaker and Bluetooth speaker.

Relying on the forward-looking vision of first tier cities and 18 years of painstaking efforts, Enke has taken root in the audio field, and its business scope has radiated to nearly 30 countries and regions around the world, serving tens of millions of users in total. Its brand has a keen tentacle and a wide and far-reaching influence.

Wisdom, honor and honor

Looking at enko's "resume of 2020", this year is too eye-catching.Enke group is growing rapidly, with the number of fans increasing to 500000.

Ew10 and ew15 Bluetooth earphones are more than one million sales volume, and the praise rate reaches 97%.

Ew25 and lilypods have been selected into the "Jingdong golden list" successively, among which lilypods is the most recommended one at the top of Jingdong golden list.


Compared with glory, we are more willing to regard "brand new customer growth Pioneer Award" and "best user experience brand award" as a kind of quality recognition, a kind of brand incentive, and a kind of development drive.

In the future, we will hold on to our glory with more high-quality innovative audio products. We will also have a high vision to expand the extension of the audio industry at home and abroad, pay homage to the global market with strong brand power, and win international recognition for better user experience.



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